Unit 1

  • Unit 1

Unit 1

The Modi Oil & General Mills

The Modi Oil and General Mills is in existence since 1953, and have been in the business of steel rolling since 1960. It started off with a small mill, but over the past 65 years, the unit has undergone constant up-gradation and today it is a composite rolling mill complex that produces all kinds of engineering quality steels.

It has a modern mill, capable of rolling a wide array of sections and sizes varying from 58mm to 255mm diameter round section and also commensurate squares and flats. The unit is a leader in the manufacture of heavy sections of rounds (200mm to 255mm), squares, flats in the country.

Steel Rounds : 25mm to 255mm

Steel Squares : 25mm to 175mm

Steel Flats : (150×20 to 300×65)mm